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April 16th we started off the official Dayton Cars and Coffee Season.

The mix of bluebird skies, warm weather, and spring in the air was a perfect setting and atmosphere to draw hundreds of cars.

In fact, it was a record turnout… by far.

Dayton Cars Coffee Drone Overhead DJI April 16

Both hard pressed to find a parking spot or a person who wasn’t blown away by the turn out, it made for a perfect launch to our season. We have estimated over 325 cars came through the morning and droves of people. The diversity of vehicles was more than surprising, and echos everything we are about… everything unique and automotive. The response we’ve received, both locally and well outside of Ohio, has been impressive.

A huge thanks to White-Allen Porsche for partnering this season as a major sponsor. Please take a moment at one of the meets to thank them.  Looking forward as we plan some very special events; we couldn’t do without them.

Follow them now on Instagram @WhiteAllenPorsche

#whiteallenporsche Boxster Spyder @daytoncarsandcoffee #daytoncarsandcoffee #whiteallenporsche #boxsterspyder #boxster #porsche

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We’re sure you noticed the WOR SCCA representing and delivering some serious Winan’s Coffee for the group. Their efforts and excitement for DC+C are contagious. The coffee will be free at each  meet through the season, and available until they run out. For those who don’t know, the Western Ohio Region Sports Car Club of America is a non-profit automotive group focused on autocross, rally, and other exciting racing/dynamic events.

Though the coffee is FREE, don’t hesitate to drop them a tip in the jar to support their club, in turn, our future race drivers… because it’s all about the kids.

#daytoncarsandcoffee and we provided #coffee! 15 gallons in 3 hrs too. #grmphoto #scca @daytoncarsandcoffee

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#landroverdefender crew repping that #vintage outdoor life at #DaytonCarsAndCoffee

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This was by far the coolest thing at @daytoncarsandcoffee on Saturday!

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Here’s another one from @daytoncarsandcoffee last Saturday because it was just that awesome!

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Dayton Cars and Coffee - Season 3 - The Beginning

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