Season 3 - Meet 2

Following the success of our Pre-Season Meet and 1st Official meet of 2016, it’s no longer just a trend.

Though the temps dropped a bit compared to the previous Saturday, it was ideal by mid-morning, and drew in the cars by the dozens. The field of cars was a beautiful mix of the best from America, Japan, Germany, Italy, and England, spanning decades of engineering and styling. From the utilitarian operation of the Land Rover Series II’s to fashion-forward styling of the Lamborghini Aventador, there was no shortage to find something for everyone.

Surprising though was the pre-meet dialogue on Instagram. A number of guys and gals from Columbus were looking for something car related on Saturday to fill their schedule. They originally started with a few cars and by Friday evening had a caravan of 7-8 cars. Others saw the conversation, and on the way morning of, their group quickly grew to 15 with people joining on I-70. It was an honor to have them come in and display their cars, of which included a McLaren 675LT and a brand-new Viper ACR w/ the Extreme Package.

Bonus: the images they captured on the drive over are stunning.

Also, check out this video from Colin Blount Photography