Season 3 Recap


Dear Dayton Cars and Coffee Attendees,

It’s hard to believe it’s come to a close on another season.

Season 3 was a fantastic ride from the first pre-season meets (they set the tone for the year) to meets spilling far over capacity, and in between we had a few special events that are still bringing a smile to my face.


First, I want to thank everyone who attended. To the hundreds and hundreds of people showing up each meet – all of you, for making this group what it has become. Without your passion and enthusiasm for cars and the group that has assembled around Dayton Cars and Coffee, this wouldn’t be possible… at all. So thank you for making this amazing collection of cars and personalities part of your life, lifestyle, and Saturday morning routine every other weekend. As I write this, it’s very clear to me during an ‘ON WEEK’, I would be standing in a parking lot, right this moment, talking to some of the best people I know, and keeping up with friends and family that share our collective excitement.

The tone keeps looping back about the number of friendships created this season; life-long ones at that. True friendships have been built as a direct result of this group. Many of these introductions would have never happened otherwise. It’s a pleasure and an honor to be a part of making this possible. The young, the old, … both cars and people, united. All cars… drift cars, exotics, muscle, antiques, vintage, drag cars, collector cars, rat rods, lifted trucks and jeeps, and even cars those haven’t even made it to production… yet. This is what the car scene is all about, and I’m also proud to say it’s right here in Dayton, OH.

As the group has grown over the last three years, it’s still amazing how far it’s come from an idea to have a ‘cars and coffee’ in Dayton to now gaining a national and international audience and recognition. To that point, we even caught the eye of Lexus North America, and they graced us with one of the new Lexus LC 500 pre-production cars. Out of only eight stops on a national tour, we were honored to be selected. That speaks volumes for what we’ve done. We should all be proud to call this group our automotive ‘home’.

It’s about community.

In September, we worked along side of the Dayton Councours d’Elegance for a special DC+C gathering at the Carillon Park to help raise awareness for their event that benefits Dayton History. They managed another record year, and we hope that our group helped to contribute to that success.

Filled with the excitement of birthdays or holidays, we had some especially exciting times dropped in between on the back roads of Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky, savored delicious food, soaked up edge-of-our-seat racing in amazing HD and surround sound, drove to the annual party at Dream Makers Automotive, and even visited Indy Cars and Coffee… twice. This all on top of the regular season of gatherings.

This would not be possible without the help and support of our sponsors.

A huge thanks to the WOR SCCA and their sponsors to provide coffee ALL season for free. Rain or shine, they delivered the goods; hot coffee. We’re all very thankful for the partnership this season, and I know we all loved having coffee readily available. In turn, they had record attendance at many of their events this season, and are continuing to grow their memberships and racer involvement. Additionally, a thank you needs to be sent out to Winan’s Chocolates and Coffee for providing the a special rate for the season, not because they’re die-hard car people, but they believe in, and support, building positive communities like the one we have with DC+C.

I can’t say enough about the excitement and support from the entire team at Hanson Audio Video. Their team, somehow comprised of mostly car-minded people, were instrumental embassors for the group, and opened their doors to provide a beautiful space (and killer theaters) to watch racing during one of our driving events, and providing the setup for watching LeMans and F1 event during our Father’s Day event. A deep thanks to the Hanson family and company for their involvement and sponsorship. Couldn’t have done it without you!

Finally, a huge thanks to the team at White Allen Porsche for stepping forward to become Dayton Cars and Coffee’s very first major sponsor. From planning to executing, they have provided huge support for making this year bigger and better than ever. Each of the special events we enjoyed, they had a particular hand to make it that much more exciting, as well, being our host for some of the special gatherings. Rory, Tim, and Tim Jr., I thank you for the sponsorship and support.

Though the general season is over, this is not the end.

I’m so very proud to be a part of this group, and looking forward to making 2017 season another ‘year to remember’.

Again, thank you… YOU… for making this group what it truly is… one of the best in the country.

To get us through to the spring, don’t stop posting pics, videos, etc of all the good times.


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Cheers To Season 4,

Kenny Brightman III


Dayton Cars and Coffee