Pike's Peak NSX @ DC+C

On the third meet of 2018, the NSX club descended on DCC making a grand entrance and sporting the wide variety of the models and generations that make up this unique club. What a welcomed site to compare and contrast all of the finer details.

Acura NSX - IMSA Weathertech Promotional Car - Dayton Cars and Coffee.jpg

One in particular car stood well above the others. Its brilliant white paint with graphics, racing numbers, and sponsor decals might have given it away to those in-the-know. (see below)

It was HERE in the flesh.

A real, daily-drivable, nearly stock NSX which… (wait for it)… won Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in the Time Attack 2 (TA2) category in 2016.

Piloted by Nick Robinson, a factory hot shoe and member of the North American NSX R&D team, sprinted the 12.42-mile course in a swift 10:28.820. Understanding this is a race to the clouds, the hybrid powertrain was a perfect match to the 14,115’ elevation at the top.

Short of the safety features this is a stock car. We are thankful this car and Nick were in attendance.

Be on the look out, and hope it comes around again. You don’t want to miss this twice.

For more on the story on this car check it out at:

Autoblog - Acura NSX hybrid wins Time Attack 2 division at Pikes Peak

P.S. This wasn’t the only NSX of notoriety that day.

Acura’s IMSA Weathertech NSX driven by Ricky Taylor. HERE