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A Ford GT, A Snowy Track, And The Luckiest 14 Year Old

Some say ‘luck’, while others say ‘preparation’, but many may lean towards ‘deep pockets’ for an opportunity like this.

In fact, it’s all of the above to produce this much jealousy. Soon to be mildly viral (purely speculation), this scant, minute forty second long video with the skilled driving of a 14-year-old living out some of our Ford GT fantasies is a bit of gold. Maybe we’re watching the making of the next Ford Chip Ganassi Racing driver to sit along side Joey Hand and Scott Dixon, then again, maybe not. Doesn’t matter… this looks like a blast!

In an effort to provide entertainment and gain a few more eyes on their six-day teen racing program, the folks at Monticello Motor Club in New York had a brilliant idea. A few inches of snow, a closed track, and fresh set of Forgeline wheels fitted with proper snow tires, THEN, flip Andrew the keys to the Ford GT. The owner of the car (and owner of MMC), Ari Straus, was comfortable with his American supercar in the hands of a graduate of their racing program. A clear hat tip to the confidence they deliver in teaching and training 14-19 year olds the art and skills of racing.

According to the article on Robb Report, the club’s videographer and track media coordinator, Chris Szczypala, said following the success of previous video they’ve produced with sliding vintage E-type Jaguars, Porsches, BMWs, a WRX STI, a Ford Raptor, and a host of others ripping through the snow, and they wanted to ‘up the ante’. They did just that! Complete with crispy locked-off low shots, drone chase sequences, and some ‘sleight of hand’ humor, they delivered the goods. It left us wanting more; the sign of a good director. If they repeat this formula and bring some cinematic action of the race school, track days, events, and happenings at Monticello… their YouTube channel will gain at least one more follower and maybe some new members.

If you are looking to send your kids away for ‘summer camp’ from August 9-14 and have the $17k to spare, we highly recommend you give them this chance. At the end of the day, it’s about the kids.

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